Stair Interruption Gates


Pacific Stair Corporation's Custom Gates are approved IBC and NFPA barriers that prevent persons from unintentionally continuing into levels below exit discharge. Our custom gates are made with a steel pipe frame and are attached via wall anchors. Our standard gate is a spring-loaded single swing; a double swing gate is available for wider stairs.

Custom gates are only sold with complete stair packages.



Need an immediate egress / stair interruption gate solution?

Buy Pacific Stair's adjustable EgressGate at - order online, ships within 2-3 days. - Extendable Self Closing Egress Barrier Stair Interruption Gate - Model 100

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Preview Description PDF / DWG Download
R003 Single Swing Gate PDF icon r003-single-swing-gate.pdf

Binary Data r003-single-swing-gate.dwg
R004 Double Swing Gate PDF icon r004-double-swing-gate.pdf

Binary Data r004-double-swing-gate.dwg