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For over 30 years, Pacific Stair has been commitment to improving egress stair designs to meet and exceed today's construction requirements. Here you can find our standard design details and specification documents for review and download. Construction professionals are encouraged to use this information to learn about various egress designs and best construction practices. The information available here offers Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Installers and Students general guidelines for steel stair egress systems.


The information and details provided here are designed to meet the 2015 International Building Code (IBC). Design changes may be required depending on your projects region. Please review your regions building code for required design variations.


Preview Description PDF / DWG Download
L100 Series Concrete Filled Landing Binder File PDF icon l100-series-concrete-filled-landing.pdf

Binary Data l100-series-concrete-filled-landing.dwg
L200 Series Checker Plate Landing Binder File PDF icon l200-series-checker-plate-landing.pdf

Binary Data l200-series-checker-plate-landing.dwg
L300 Series Quiet Tread Landing Binder File PDF icon l300-series-quiet-tread-landing.pdf

Binary Data l300-series-quiet-tread-landing.dwg
L500 Series Smooth Plate Landing Binder File PDF icon l500-series-smooth-plate-landing.pdf

Binary Data l500-series-smooth-plate-landing.dwg
L600 Series Grating Landing Binder File PDF icon l600-series-grating-landing.pdf

Binary Data l600-series-grating-landing.dwg
R100 Series Two Line Rail Binder File PDF icon r100-series-2-line-rail.pdf

Binary Data r100-series-2-line-rail.dwg
R200 Series Six Line Rail Binder File PDF icon r200-series-6-line-rail.pdf

Binary Data r200-series-6-line-rail.dwg
R300 Series Tube Rail Binder File PDF icon r300-series-tube-rail.pdf

Binary Data r300-series-tube-rail.dwg
R400 Series Picket Rail Binder File PDF icon r400-series-picket-rail.pdf

Binary Data r400-series-picket-rail.dwg
R500 Series Wire Mesh Rail Binder File PDF icon r500-series-wire-mesh-rail.pdf

Binary Data r500-series-wire-mesh-rail.dwg
R600 Series Cable Rail Binder File PDF icon r600-series-cable-rail.pdf

Binary Data r600-series-cable-rail.dwg
R700 Series Rod Rail Binder File PDF icon r700-series-rod-rail.pdf

Binary Data r700-series-rod-rail.dwg

Document Downloads

Quiet Tread Acoustic Test Results
Pacific Stair Brochure
Metal Stair Specifications (Editable)
Metal Stair Specifications
Lateral Drift and Gravity Load Test Results

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