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our product specifications

Manufacturing materials

Pacific Stair guarantees to use the standard materials in the fabrication of its stair and stair components. The materials used meet and or exceed all specification requirements.

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Advantages of
Quiet Tread®

  • Immediate floor to floor access to
    all trades
  • Increased productivity to all trades
  • Noise levels comparable to concrete
  • Meets: ASTM E84-09c
  • Rated: IBC-2009 Class 1 or A
    Building Material

Reduce noise with Quiet Tread®

Get traction, but keep traffic quiet.

Pacific Stair Corporation proudly introduces Quiet Tread®, a revolutionary new concept designed to address noise levels commonly associated with normal foot traffic on checker plate steel stairs and landings. After extensive proprietary testing we have discovered how to reduce the noise problem traditionally associated with checker plate stairs.

Pacific Stair Corporation, in private partnership, has developed a simple, viable, and cost effective solution to the objectionable noise levels found in standard checker plate steel stairs and landings.

Relative acoustic testing was preformed in the Structural Engineering Research Laboratory at Oregon State University under the oversight of Chris Higgins, PhD/PE. Using state of the art and internationally recognized acoustic test procedures (in conformity with ISO 140.6-2006 & 3741-2006, ASTM E492-2004 & E2235-2004 and IEC 61672 Standards) Pacific Stair Corporation's stair components and assemblies were placed in a reverberant chamber whose dimensional proportions reasonably represent stairwell applications and correspond to ASTM E492 test room recommendations.

Sound check!

A revolutionary new concept in checker plate stairs designed to address noise levels commonly associated with normal foot traffic on checker plate. Watch this video and listen to the amazing difference.

Normal Checker Plate Stair
without Quiet Tread®

Checker Plate Stair with Quiet Tread®

Test results from
Oregon State University

The performance of Checker Plate steel stairs fitted with Quiet Tread® on the treads and landings is quieter than concrete fitted pans over the range of frequencies the human ear is most sensitive (approximately 1kH2 to 5kH2).

Quiet Tread® applied to treads alone achieved similar acoustic performance (within ~1db) for all test conditions and frequency bands as when Quiet Tread® is applied to both treads and risers.

So what's the bottom line?

When you purchase a Pacific Stair Corporation checker plate stair system fitted with optional Quiet Tread® sound attenuation, you receive a cost effective alternative to a concrete filled stair while virtually eliminating the cost and clean up associated with pouring concrete in the stairs at the jobsite.

Quiet Tread® eliminates:

  • Tread fillers during construction
  • Field poured concrete
  • Stair clean-up, expense, and time
  • Tread protection during curing

To inquire about the use of Quiet Tread® for your next project simply contact Pacific Stair Corporation | T: 503-390-8305 F: 503-390-3864

Or contact your Independent regional sales representative. Click here to find a representative in your area.

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